Identity Finder

Identity Finder Home Edition 5.7

Find and keep safe personal data collected on your PC


  • Easy to use wizards
  • Clear interface
  • Effective and configurable searches


  • Unnecessary if you use your PC in a security conscious way

Very good

Do you worry about malware stealing passwords, bank details and other sensitive information from your PC? There are some preventative measures you can take, like turning off auto-fill features so there is no record, and not allowing programs to save passwords.

To be extra safe, Identity Finder will scan your computer, finding records of passwords etc, and allowing you to scrub them from your hard drive. This makes you safer from identity theft, as much of your identity will no longer be stored on your PC. You can choose to save any passwords to an encrypted vault, with its own master password, or delete them completely.

Identity Finder has really easy to follow wizards that take you through the process of searching for and dealing with personal information stored on your computer. The ribbon style functions along the top of the interface are all self explanatory, and work well. You can also configure the ribbon. Identity Finder occasionally asks you to register your details, and while you can skip this, some people may be wary of a program that simultaneously finds your sensitive data and then asks you to register online!

Identity Finder is a useful tool for making sure your details aren't hidden away on your PC, and can't be stolen by malicious software.

Identity Finder


Identity Finder Home Edition 5.7

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